Normalising Truly Sustainable Construction

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Everything revolves around creating a new normal. A normal where we create high-performance structures using truly low-carbon materials, blending heritage techniques with new technologies. The best of both worlds.

The only must-have is that you’re engaged with creating something as sustainable and healthy as it can possibly be.

Why Do You Need Us?

Sustainability is coming. It’s coming quickly and it can’t come quickly enough. But how much do you really know about it? However essential and inevitable it might be, it involves new and unfamiliar technologies and it will be changing and evolving even more over the coming decade. What this means is that there are unknown quantities which means there are pitfalls. Let us take the risk out of and minimise the cost of building better.

How do we do it?


Hartwyn stay on the cutting edge of low carbon materials and techniques so no-one else has to. We take the specifics on and fill the gaps giving architects, engineers and contractors space to shine. Self-builders, developers and end-users alike gain the comfort of knowing that in a changing space, they’re getting the best service and results available.


We add to that with oversight, collaborative communication skills, and a progressive communication framework encompassing the build schedule and costings. This ensures that every party knows what they’re doing and when, and is stuck like a limpet to the vision, right the way through.


Providing online courses for self builders and leading-edge information for architects and contractors. Making sure that everyone around the table is facilitated and informed enough to participate and be heard where they want to be, saving time and money for everyone.


Our process gets the right people around the table early, creating a harmonious environment to get ahead of challenges and enable joined up thinking from the start.  How we can help you varies depending on your situation and role, read on to find out more…..

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Why Consider Low-Carbon Materials for your Project?

Hartwyn are a sustainable construction company, which means that we deliver low carbon solutions. The best materials for this are often natural materials, so we lean heavily on that palette wherever we can. Here’s why:

Natural materials will not only keep the building warm in the winter, but cool in the summer too. This is especially useful for those hot summer days when you are using the building as an office, you don’t want to be stuck in a sweat box and not able to focus.

Health Benefits

Natural materials do not contain VOCs and other chemicals which off gas during their lifetime. You will be spending a lot of time in your building, and we think that it makes sense not to be polluting your own internal atmosphere. Because natural materials are so good at dealing with moisture you don’t have to worry about mould spores, which are bad for your health.


Natural Materials allow a building to ‘breathe’ moisture from the interior to the exterior of the building. This means the building will not suffer from excess interior moisture which causes damp, mould, and rot. People are a huge source of moisture, every time we breathe out, we send millions of tiny droplets of water into our buildings. Finishes including clay and lime plasters actively correct this.


These materials make the most of gentle curves and softer shapes as well as natural grains of wood. In a world of sharp corners and chrome, they create an environment which is relaxing and easy on the eyes. They are however, versatile and lend themselves well to contemporary architecture, integrating seamlessly with bold new designs if required.

Sound Deadening

Natural materials are excellent acoustic insulators, helping to create quiet, calm spaces that can be easily isolated from each other. Whether it’s a room in the same house or an adjoining property, if don’t want to disturb or be disturbed by your neighbours then low carbon construction is the perfect choice.

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