A question for you

Have you ever considered what your values are? I know, values. Ugh. One of those words that makes you think of open-plan offices with beanbags in them. A word that people rarely consider the meaning of because it doesn’t feel real.

Cards on the table, I’m not a natural builder. I’ve known Joe for a while, however….

So why am I here?

It’s because I’ve said for a very long time (pretty much since the first time that we hung out) that I didn’t really care what it was that we did together, only that it was us doing it, and that that would work. This, and a relevant skill set that I’ve picked up through running various other businesses for the past 15 years.

Why really?

Because he’s my friend. My people. I trust him and agree with him on, y’know, life stuff. I like doing business and working with people I trust. To me, that’s what values are. The rules we live our lives by, the things we believe to be right and wrong. We have loyalty, integrity, passion and trust at the core of our relationships.

These are our values, the most important attributes of a person……or even a company. The why. They underpin everything else. Hartwyn has a mission that I believe very strongly in and that’s why I wanted to be part of it when it started. Disrupting the building industry and therefore, the property market is a big draw for me.

So essentially, Joe and I share values as people but part of my job is to help us figure out what the values of us as a company are and what direction they take us in. I also commit to figuring out how we can stick to them in the current economic climate. To live by those rules so we’re being consistent and always moving not just in the direction we should, but getting there in the way we want to.

It ain’t just what you do, it’s the way you do it.

Not one of us wants to wake up one day being more successful than we ever dreamed and realise that we did it in a way that we can’t live with. That’s where values kick in. Once we have these defined, we can work out why we like working with certain people and why.

Working out what matters to us as a company is about more than us working together, it’s about customers, students, suppliers, agents, anyone we interact with.

The handy thing about this stuff, is that it’s self policing. We’re naturally drawn to (and away from) certain people, companies and ideas. The only difference is that we now know why. The more conscious we are of it, the more it happens.

So what are our values? If you’re curious I’ll happily expand and explain, just let me know.  

I can say with hand on heart that I’ll never get tired of talking about it.