Information, Resources and Support for Self-Builders

Building your own house is a journey. A journey with many stages. And on that journey you will need some guidance to keep you on the right path.

You’ve probably heard about the eco revolution taking place in the UK construction industry and across the rest of the world. Governments, groups and individuals are getting on board and it’s becoming an important part of local policy, development funding and in the future we expect, part of getting planning permission to build in the first place.

In order to build sustainable and healthy structures we need to integrate as many natural and local materials as possible. When I say natural, I’m talking about the use of natural materials in construction.

Hi, I’m Joe Duirwyn.

I’m one of the directors, an instructor and the lead builder here at Hartwyn, where we’re working hard to make Natural the new Normal.

If you’re embarking on your self-build journey and interested in how to make your build more envronmentally friendly as well as making it healthier to live in and cheaper to run and maintain, then we can help you.

Every little bit helps. By integrating natural materials with modern techniques and technology, working alongside innovative architects we are finding new ways to blend heritage with high-performance. You can have a self-build home that is 100% natural, just a little bit natural and anywhere in between.

From the design, through consultancy, project management and even helping you with the build itself, Hartwyn is here to guide you on your self-build adventure.

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