The Most Cost-Effective and Comprehensive Way to Move Forward with Your Self-Build Project


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If you’re getting started on your self-build project, or even if it’s underway, chances are you have nagging fears…


  • What are the pitfalls you need to avoid in this daunting process?
  • How can you benefit from expert guidance without losing your shirt on costly consultants?
  • How can you stop your dream build turning into a living nightmare?

We know you have these fears because we’ve had them too.

Self-building is a complex process, with the chance at every turn for your dream project to crash and burn.

Planning consent, building regulations, budget control and managing contractors are some of the biggest challenges you’ll face – and any one of them could sink your project if you’re not equipped with the right tools and knowledge before you start.

If you’re serious about getting your self-build right…

If you want to avoid the common and expensive pitfalls that curse even the most promising of schemes…

And if you’re smart enough to know even a small investment in expert support and advice will pay handsome dividends…

…here’s what you need.


The Hartwyn Self-Build Primer is your next step on your self build journey


In this short, easy-to-access online course you’ll dig into the detail involved in building your own home.

Over 4 units of around 40 minutes each we’ll cover:

  • Planning permission and how to minimise the chance of refusal
  • Building regulations, to make sure you don’t have to re-do expensive parts of the build
  • Finance, clearing up the complexities around pricing and budgets
  • Dealing with contractors and how to ensure you don’t end up with cowboys on your build

If you don’t understand these essential elements, or if you get them wrong, you risk being dangerously exposed.

The Self-Build Primer is the simple, cost-effective solution to that problem.

It’s suitable for anyone, whatever your level of experience.

And it’s available to you, on this page – for a strictly limited time – at a fraction of the price you’d pay elsewhere.

What’s the Price?


In putting the Self-Build Primer together, we invested more than £10,000 in time and expertise to craft a course that we know addresses key questions and problems for you.

Not to mention the decades of experience in the construction industry we bring to it as well.

We could realistically sell this course for £2000 – that’s what you would pay elsewhere to benefit from a similar level of knowledge and expertise.

But we’re on a mission.

We believe in self-building and we believe in people like you, pursuing your dream.

Because of that, we want the Self-Build Primer to be within reach of anyone who needs it so we have made this one-of-a-kind course available on our website for just £497.


As a thank you for being here, on this page you can get the course at a 60% discount, and pay a mere £197.

This special offer is only available to you for a strictly limited time.

You need to act now.

PLUS, An Exclusive Bonus – Get Personal, Expert Advice & Guidance for 6 Months


As a special bonus, when you buy the Self-Build Primer, we’ll give you unlimited access to our fortnightly Ask-Me-Anything self-builder clinic for 6 months.

These drop-in online sessions give you the chance to ask us anything about your project, the course, or self-building in general.


Now’s the time!


Secure your place on the Self-Build Primer today.

And we look forward to working with you to help make your project the success it deserves to be.

Who Created The Self-Build Primer?

The Self-Build Primer has been expertly prepared by Joe Duirwyn, one of the UK’s leading natural building experts. Joe is Lead Trainer at Hartwyn.

Through a combination of education and hands-on sustainable building, we provide the best information, education and training available in contemporary and sustainable self-build construction.

At the heart of our work is an ethos that blends heritage building techniques with new technologies, to create high-performance structures through the efficient and practical use of natural materials.

We’re also working to develop the Natural Builders of the Future: tradespeople and skilled professionals who have a knowledge, understanding and preference for materials and techniques that are more accessible and less harmful to the planet.

  • Price: £ 197.00

Don’t need all 4 units?

Use this form to purchase a single unit. The full price of one unit is £147 so make sure and get in before the offer runs out. If you want to purchase multiple units you can always come back to this page again.

You’ll still get access to the clinics for 3 months by purchasing a single unit.


Now’s the time!

Secure your place on the Self-Build Primer today.

And we look forward to working with you to help make your project the success it deserves to be.

  • Choose from: Unit 1 - Planning Unit 2 - Building Control Unit 3 - Finance Unit 4 - Subcontractors
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