Hartwyn Education

Whether you want to build your own home, have someone else build it for you, renovate an existing building or simply learn the craft, education is at the core of what Hartwyn do.

We want you to have freedom of choice and the full knowledge of what can and can’t be achieved so that you can follow whatever dreams you have with your eyes open.

Please note that we have no current plans to run any more of the 16-week start-to-finish builds. More information on why can be found in this post.

We are always planning educational opportunities which include

  • Online courses conducted in webinar platforms (see here)
  • On-site courses which take place on projects where we are providing build services
  • Classroom courses which mix practical and theory sections

The range of offerings is constantly changing so please fill out the form on this page to receive a brochure with our latest range of options.

If you just want to chat to us about this then you can always reach out on social media or email us on


Previous Student Feedback –

Thanks to the Hartwyn experience I have been employed by a company since November and they have offered myself and another Hartwyn student apprenticeships (NVQ Level 3 Heritage Skills) starting in April!

I reflect back now with some really beautiful memories, not only of the skills learned, but the feeling of living as a temporary community of people united in the goal of building a house and having fun. It’s really inspired me to go and build again to increase my experience and eventually build a home for myself and others in community.