A free hour-long webinar to introduce the Hartwyn Self-Build Process.

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Hartwyn’s purpose is to Make Natural Building the New Normal. But how can we do that in this time? What can we do to stay safe whilst still thinking about the future and moving forwards?

Answer – Learn things!

There are plenty of self-build elements that can be taught online and while we can’t build, it’s a perfect time for you to acquire that knowledge. The game for us this last month has therefore been working out how to teach something as inherently physical as building a house, in the virtual world.

The webinar is called ‘How to Build a House’ and it’s focussed on understanding the distinct elements of the self-build process:

*Building Control

Plus a few more….all broken up into bitesize chunks and delivered in a single hour.

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We hope to see you there.

Stay safe, people.

Joe and Arif