• Do I have some space at the bottom of my garden, back of my house or anywhere else?

  • Do I need an extra space to create, socialise and enjoy?

  • What are my options?

If you’ve considered the above, you’re probably wondering where to start. That’s where Permitted Developments come in.

A Permitted Development is an additional building or addition to a current building which falls within a certain set of parameters meaning it doesn’t require planning permission.

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We understand that you might be considering this as a project but that may be a daunting process. What you need most is information. Information on things like:

  • The building size limits
  • How much it might cost
  • Design options
  • Possible finishes
  • The foundations needed

What we’ve done is simplify the beginnings of that process into our Free Guide to Permitted Developments.

We haven’t withheld any crucial facts; we aren’t demanding that you engage us as your contractor. Obviously we would love it if you did, but first and foremost this is general advice for you to take and do with what you will.

You will receive a PDF which will take you through the process, the planning and likely pitfalls of a speculative project. It will be clear and easy to follow and should guide you to understand your objectives that much better so that by the time you are ready to take the next steps, you know what information a contractor will need, and a lot more about your requirements.

This helps you because you get to know what to consider before you even email a builder or an architect. You should feel more secure, with some background knowledge and you will be familiar with the most significant terminology.

This helps the contractor (whether or not Hartwyn is your choice) because informed customers are a pleasure to work with – you know what questions to ask and you know what you want. If you have already done some research and want to look into this further or you just want to have a initial talk, you will find a phone number and an email on the PDF.

Fill out the form below. The Guide will be with you within minutes. By the time you’ve read it, you’ll have all the information you need to proceed knowledgeably.

We think you’ll like it.