Heading up our Brisol office, he is passionate about disrupting the current status quo both in the house building and house selling market.  He envisions a future where we not only build better and more sustainably, but also fairer. Business geekery is his element, along with strategic interpretation of Hartwyn’s wilder ambitions. A pragmatist and a big picture thinker, Arif drives Hartwyn forwards with integrity and passion.


Joe runs our Lancaster office and has worked at the sustainable end of construction for over 20 years.  With a strong background in conventional building he has consistently worked towards a more integrated approach where sustainability and heritage trades walk hand-in-hand with modern building science. A natural materials advocate and building science geek, Joe is passionate about pushing the conversation forward and moving the industry towards the zero carbon targets it needs to meet.


What we do is more than a job, it’s part of who we are.  

Which means we hold all members of the company to these 5 words. They dictate how we do business, and who with.

  • Harmony – To us this is the result of working with the right people and treating them and each other well
  • Progress – Always be moving ourselves and the wider industry forwards in positive ways
  • Clarity – Communicate effectively and create an environment of focus
  • Enjoyment – Money isn’t the whole picture. To truly excel, we all need to get pleasure from our day-to-day activites
  • Recognition – Everyone deserves to be seen as who they are, who they aspire to be and for the things they do.

Sitting hand in hand with our values, is our vision:

Normalising Truly Sustainable Construction

What this means is that we care about true and factful sustainability, not a performative and sanitised version. Our vison is to make building this way not just possible, but the accepted norm in our industry.

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