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    Elly has always been driven by her passion for truly sustainable architecture and innovative, beautiful design. Sustainable principles are inherent to the way she thinks and works and her particular interest in how building’s affect not only the environment, but the people who live and work in them informs her architectural philosophy and her sensitive approach to building design.

    Elly believes strongly in the value of working collaboratively with clients, colleagues, design and construction team members.  By working in partnership with all stakeholders and supply chain members, the design, function, services, buildability, costs and risks are all closely integrated and support both the client’s brief and the sustainability objectives.

    Sam is driven to bring human-scale, enjoyable spaces to buildings. Focusing on understated spaces where the composition of a few well-chosen materials and the use of light are key to creating a backdrop for the use within. He believes that great design can bring real improvements to people’s lives and businesses; and through an holistic approach can create sustainable, low whole-life cost buildings that can put a smile on your face.

     Sam believes in involving and collaborating with people who will make the design and building better. By partnering with the right people and working to bring out their ideas and best work Sam believes designs grow in quality and character whilst reducing risk, cost and delays.

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