Progress on the straw bale house build

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Our beautiful straw bale building

As we enter the second half of the build, the days are getting noticeably shorter and there is a slight chill in the air. The sun still shines on my tent each morning, gently waking me from slumber, but the evenings are darker and questions are beginning to form in my mind…What will I do after the build is completed? How will I live without all these lovely people who have brightened every day with laughter, music and hugs? Can I go back to living inside separated from the rain, sun and creepy crawlies, going to bed without a nightly search for shooting stars?

What’s been happening on the build?

But for now, back to the build, and it has been a rather fiddly week of building finishing off half forgotten jobs and preparing the walls to receive the long awaited mud.

My favourite job of the week was fitting the sheep’s wool insulation around the straw bale ladder and between the rafters. It was amazing because the wool is soft, warm and smells of sheep. The sheep’s wool insulation in the roof was supported by a web of twine stapled to the underside of the rafters, another fun activity.

Plaster prep and windows

Other exciting tasks this week included smoothing the straw bale walls with a grass strimmer; taping the breather membrane of the roof externally between the rafters to help make the building airtight; fitting in the odd extra noggins here and there; and chasing the straw bales to create space for the electricians to run cables. There have even been a few beautiful oak framed windows fitted! 

windows go in the straw bale house

Mud mud mud!

The end of the week marked the beginning of our muddy adventures into plastering, with a few lucky students spraying mud on the walls with a high pressured compressor and stuffing holes in the straw bale wall with extra straw.

mud in the strawbale house

Outside of work was a little less cheerful as our dear friend and fellow student Rhiannon has been unwell and ended up in the hospital for the latter half of the week. Thankfully she returned to us on Friday night for a perfectly relaxing weekend of delicious food and Welsh rugby.

I am looking forward to getting plastered in soothing mud for the next few weeks as we cover up the straw bales and timber framing and move ever closer to a finished building.

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