Self-Build Primer 4 units Complete Course – July 8/15/22/29 – 2020

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What will it be about?

4 hour-long units of leading-edge education on the theory and process of a self-build. An in-depth look at:

  • Planning Permission – What is it? When do you need it? How does it work? Who you work with? How much does it cost?
  • Building Control – What is it? When do you need it? How does it work? Who you work with? How much does it cost?
  • Budgets and Finance – Funding options, Pricing, Specifications, Budgets, Bill of Quantities
  • Builders and Subcontractors – What’s the difference? How do you find a good one? Accreditations, Communication, Contracts and Warranties

How do I access it? 

Simply use the buttons above to purchase the course and you will reveice a confirmation email of your purchase straight away. Once we’ve set up the events in our system you’ll be emailed a link to access the courses on the day. Just click the link on a computer or phone (we recommend a larger screen) and you’ll be taken straight to the relevant website.

How is this different to the free ‘How to build a House’ webinars we’re doing?

This course is a deeper-dive on the elements of that webinar. The key stages of the process of building a house. An hour is nowhere near enough time to deliver all of the information we can on this subject – even online and even without picking up a hammer!


What else do I get?

There will be a full Q&A at the end of every session where you can fill in any of the gaps that you might have in your knowledge now or ones that come up during the course. You will also be provided with all slides for future reference as well as a recording.

Supporting materials include:

  • Suggestions of contractors – our black book!
  • Suggestions and descriptions of software and online tools
  • Useful links
  • Template spreadsheets and charts

Do I have to build naturally to use this course information effectively?

No. The information in this course can be used on any type of build, Natural or Conventional. We lean towards natural building but as this is a theoretical and process-led course, it can be applied however. The information on Planning and Building Control is relevant for the UK but other parts of the course are useful anywhere.

Does Hartwyn do consultancy in other countries?

It very much depends on requirements and distance. As a lot of our value up front comes with planning and building control the UK is our focus but in terms of planning and the generic skills, we could.

Does Hartwyn work on One Planet Developments?

We haven’t yet, but yes we do. We aren’t able to consult directly on actually getting them approved though


We hope to see you there!