If you’re here, you probably know that building homes in a more sustainable and independent way is not just increasingly popular, but also grows more and more vital every year. It’s a growth industry with viable prospects and a widespread culture of positivity. 

The skills you will develop here can be applied in a multitude of ways. Maybe you’re looking at building your own house? Maybe a career change? Or maybe just because you’re passionate about the application of heritage methods in a modern context. Maybe you can’t commit to a full-time residential build course and want to dip your toe.

Whatever your motivation, you will gain an industry-leading education to build from. And build upon…..

You’re in the right place. Hartwyn are running a week-long classroom course in the latter part of 2019.

What will I be learning?

The course will be split into two areas. The Theory section deals with the overarching lessons of building a natural home in a modern context. How do we actually make this idea a reality, in the UK, in 2019? It considers:

  • Planning
  • Building Control
  • Builders and Subcontractors
  • Finances
  • Tools
  • Materials
  • Design and Architecture

In the Practical section we get hands on with the buildings themselves. How do you build one? What are the options and how do we turn a pile of stuff into an actual house? We look at:

  • Site Layout
  • Foundations
  • Framing
  • Insulation
  • Plastering and finishes

Who will be teaching me?

Jeffrey Hart and Joe Duirwyn are directors and head trainers of Hartwyn, a company focussed on building natural homes using a turnkey educational model. With numerous control-approved builds now under their belts in this format, the key elements of the craft have been condensed into a week-long intensive course to provide you with a unique head start.

jeffrey hart on the princes foundation

When and Where is it?

October / November. Depending on interest we will be running courses in Lancaster and Bristol. More specific information to follow on this very soon.

Will I have to pay?

Yes. Our residential builds are based on the exchange of labour for knowledge onsite with the purpose of producing a real-life natural home. This course will be classroom-based and so is a priced product. Fee TBC, this is an opportunity to register your interest.

Do I need any Natural Building experience?

None whatsoever. This course is designed to be accessible and relevant for those with a pre-existing skillset or complete newcomers to the idea. There are no requirements other than enthusiasm

OK, I’m in. What now?

Fill out this form to register your interest. We will keep you informed as soon as places become available. There will be a priority release of the limted places to those people who do so before general sale.

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