making stakes for straw bale construction

Our next project will run in Spring 2019, as soon as we have a start date we will announce it here. Be the first to find out – Sign up here to get updates about new build course opportunities

As projects are confirmed, we will send out emails with the dates and specific details of the build.

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What do you get?

You get to learn the science and craft of natural building on one of our free 14-week (approx) natural building courses. We exchange your hard work for a free education in natural building unlike any other in the UK.

You will learn about:

  • Design Process – why do we chose materials, design details, science
  • Build Planning– From foundations all the way through to client handover
  • Specific skills relating to how to build a straw bale house from foundations to finishes framing for straw bale, green roofs, straw bale installation, clay plaster, lime plaster, composting toilets, Tadelakt.

There will also be educational discussions at each stage of the build relating to materials science, design details, natural materials & anything else that comes up. These occur in the form of on-site ‘tool box talks’, educational seminars and (where possible) other site visits.

It is our utmost and full commitment to educate in return for your hard work.

It’s a difficult thing to get into – with courses costing thousands to get training from experienced professionals. We give you the opportunity to build an entire home learning each of the skills in turn.

We need a workforce to further natural building and believe in a fair exchange of hard work for knowledge and experience.

Free Natural Building Course
free natural building internship

I can plaster!!!! Unbelievable! I’m a lot more confident in my skills and have learnt many more, for which I’m utterly grateful! – Jamie 2016 Intern

What we require from you

  • Attendance 5 days a week, 9 til 5. On time and eager. This is a real life build site, building for real clients!
  • Commitment to the entire duration of the build.
  • A good attitude to hard work and a thirst for knowledge.

What we provide for you

  • Meals
  • Accommodation (will vary)
  • Classroom theory sessions & practical training
  • exterior of straw bale house plastering
  • The Lime Classroom
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