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In this episode of Building Sustainability we talk with Flo Hamer. Flo lives in a tiny home that she has built. We discuss how she became interested in tiny living, the build process and how it’s changed her way of life.

Building Sustainability Podcast

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  • Miriam King

    Wonderful especially for singles and even the elderly, in fact they would be fantastic for the elderly wouldn’t they? If I am on my own I’d love one… much are they anyway?

  • Steve Parry

    HI, I’d like to see the rest of the photos of Flo Hamer’s tiny house but the arrow button (embedded in the photo) doesn’t work on my browser; Safari 13… Could you send me a link to them or post them up here somewhere? I’m part of the Bridge Farm community and I saw you joined via Fbook. I already get your newsletter. Thank you, Steve Parry

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