Building your own home is a journey

Whether you are just starting out, or are well on your way; Hartwyn can provide detailed guidance about all stages of your build – from initial design and consultation, through planning and building control, to the actual build. Along with our industry partners we manage a full turnkey service – Architects, engineers, building inspectors, trades – all working together to realise your dream.

Why build with Hartwyn?

Our buildings combine modern building science and time-tested heritage materials and techniques. We seamlessly integrate cutting edge technologies that lower our energy consumption with a palette of natural materials that have proven their durability over centuries.

Hartwyn builds are:

  • Efficient and economical for you to run. Forever.
  • Designed to suit the specific needs and characteristics of your site
  • Non-toxic to your local environment
  • More sustainable to build and repair than conventional builds
  • A simple and stress-free process that involves you on your own terms
Our advice is ad-hoc and here when you need it. Fill out the form to claim your first 30mins free.

How can we help you?


Perfect for trade, self-builders and homeowners. Advice for those who intend to do the work themselves but need ongoing technical advice and support. We provide research and advice in 30min blocks.
Can be delivered by phone or by video call. Also includes time spent using our pricing engine, design and specification services or any research that you need expert help completing.

Project Management

For those who want to know that their build is happening in the way it should, when it should. Onsite and offsite project management means that we can plug in our network of architects, engineers and quantity surveyors. You can get assistance with your bill of quantities, contracts, schedule, warranties, planning permission and insurance as well as on-call advice.
There are three levels to this service – Bronze, Silver and Gold with varying degrees of assistance to suit your needs and budget.

Assisted Builds

Suitable for new-build, extension or refurb projects. Hartwyn has access to a nationwide network of skilled natural builders, many of whom are allumni from our own courses and programs.
Perfect for those who intend to do the work themselves and/or already have tradespeople lined up to do the work. Hartwyn builders can provide expert help wth some or all elements of the build as and when you need them, being as involved (or not!) as you require.
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