Beautifully crafted, carefully considered, efficient and affordable homes

Hartwyn build truly environmentally friendly homes from low impact materials. Our unique build method provides you with a professional quality and warrantied home at an affordable price. We offer a full design and build package to create your dream home.

Our Homes are:

  • Affordable – one of the benefits of our intern programme, which also combines cutting-edge sustainable design and heritage methods and materials
  • Warm in the winter, cool in the summer and economical to run
  • Healthy and comfortable – we use natural, non toxic materials which also have a low impact on the earth

See the video for a start-to-finish build example. Make sure you’re paying extra attention at 01:31 when the bales go in and the magic really starts to happen.


Build For Me.

Do you want a sustainable, affordable, healthy home?



Take a tour of our showcase build –  “Ty Twt”



Be part of our unique natural building internship

 Who are Hartwyn?

Hartwyn are a new company that specialises in combining education and sustainable building to create affordable eco homes.

A collection of like-minded, experienced, professionals brought together with a shared desire to challenge the way we create buildings, in design, materials and construction.

We are a diverse group with skills that compliment each other to form a formidable knowledge base in the sustainable building and education field.


  • "We commissioned Hartwyn to design and build a small straw bale house which they accomplished with great expertise, flair and enthusiasm.
    We are now the proud owners of a perfect Hartwyn eco dwelling which is not only beautiful but practical. It has a green roof and low impact tyre foundations.
    We look forward to enjoying our new home for years to come."
    Rina & Tim
    Rina & Tim
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